Online Photo Submission

Upload Instructions

Please note, it's important to follow all of the steps below to take and upload a photo for your Talon Card. Please make sure you have set up Duo authentication before attempting to submit a photo as you will need access to your KSU email account. If you have questions, please email Before you start the online photo submission process, compare your photo with the examples on this page. Does yours look like the acceptable pictures? If not, retake it to avoid having to repeat the process later.

Dual Enrollment students should contact the Talon One Service Center at 470-578-8663 or to schedule an appointment for their Talon Card rather than submitting a photo online.


Online photo submission step 2

Step 1

Navigate to Enter your KSU email address and click the "Request Access" button.

Note: You must enter a KSU email address or you will receive an error message.

Online photo submission step 3

Step 2

Log in to your KSU email account and open the email from KSU Talon Card Services with the subject "Here is the Online Photo Submission login link your requested." Click the "Submit your photo" link within the email.

Online photo submission step 4

Step 3

Accept the CloudCard system's Terms of Service before continuing.

Online photo submission step 5

Step 4

Choose the file type to upload.

Online photo submission step 6

Step 5

Select your photo. Click "Submit & Sign Out." If your photo does not meet the minimum requirements, you must choose a new one before it can be submitted.

Please allow up to 5-7 business days for Talon Card Services to email you confirmation of your photo's acceptance. Watch your KSU email for initial feedback from the Helper Bot. The Helper Bot will provide instant email feedback based on the built-in photo grading scale. If the photo has too low of a score, the email will provide directions on how to submit an updated photo.

Once approval of the photo (by the Talon Card Services team) is granted, you will receive an official final approval email.

Photo Guidelines

  • Accepted Submission 1
  • Accepted Submission 2
  • Rejected Submission 1
  • Rejected Submission 2
  • Rejected Submission 3
  • Rejected Submission 4

Photo Do's

  • Solid white or off-white background
  • Face straight ahead and centered
  • Leave space on the top and sides
  • Photo quality of at least 32 KB and 300 x 300 pixels resolution

Photo Don'ts

  • No hands by your face or silly faces
  • No filters
  • No shadows around your head
  • No accessories like hats or sunglasses (except for religious or medical purposes)
  • No major glares on prescription glasses
  • No other objects or other people
  • No yearbook or glamour photos

If you need to remove the background from your photo, we suggest using the Background Eraser app, available in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Talon Card Pick Up

Incoming Students

Once your photo has been submitted and officially approved, we will print your Talon Card and have it ready for you to pick up during your Orientation. The $14 first student ID fee is incorporated into the cost to attend Orientation. Please bring a valid (not expired), government-issued photo ID to claim your Talon Card.

New Employees

Once you receive an email from Talon Card Services confirming that your photo has been officially accepted, you can pick up your Talon Card from the Talon One Service Center during your Orientation or stop in between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. You must present a valid (not expired), government-issued photo ID to claim your Talon Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The camera on your cell phone or computer is fine to use, or any digital camera, as long as it takes clear photos.

  • Once your photo is accepted, you cannot submit a new image.

  • You will receive a link to resubmit in the email denying your photo's approval.
  • Preferred and legal name changes must be submitted through the Bursar's office before you can get a new Talon Card. The Talon Card replacement ID fee is $25.
  • No, you can continue to use your Talon Card.
Terms of Service: Once a photo is submitted, and is accepted, it becomes the property of Kennesaw State University. These photos are considered University property and may be viewed and accessed by University employees with a legitimate educational interest. Declined photos are deleted, and a new photo must be submitted for your Talon Card. By agreeing to these terms, you are confirming that you are the person in the photo, and you are accepting the charge of $14 for the first student ID fee, which is incorporated into the cost to attend Orientation. If your identity does not match the photo at the time of pick up, then you will be asked to take a new photo in person. You will also be charged a replacement ID fee of $25 in addition to the first ID charge. All fees will be applied to your student account through Owl Express.