Talon Card Front

Front of Talon Card

  • KSU ID Number
  • NetID
Talon Card Back

Back of Talon Card

    • Fifth Third Bank ATMs (if linked to Fifth Third Bank account)
    • Cirrus Network ATMs
    • PIN Based Debit Transactions
    • Door Access
    • Mag Stripe Readers
    • Rec Center
    • Meal Plans
    • Dining Dollars
    • KCash
    • Library Barcode

Kennesaw State University will utilize the Talon Card for all goods and services accessed through faculty/staff and student profiles. The Talon Card's secure "tap and go" capabilities provide services such as copying and printing while still utilizing magnetic stripe technology for traditional campus retail transactions. The SmartCard chip embedded card can be used with the following campus services: copiers and printers, Meal Plans, KCash, and Dining Dollars.

If you have a previous version of the KSU campus ID card, don’t worry, it still works, and you are not required to replace it.

DO NOT punch a hole in the card as it will damage the SmartCard chip.