Employee Talon Card

Front of the Talon Card.

Front of Talon Card

  • KSU ID Number
  • Campus Card Number
  • Library Barcode
Back of the Talon Card

Back of Talon Card

    • Fifth Third Bank ATMs
    • Cirrus Network ATMs
    • PIN Based Debit Transactions
    • Door Access
    • Mag Stripe Readers
    • Meal Plans
    • KCash


What your card can do for you:

  • Identify you as a valid faculty/staff member employed at KSU
  • Grant access to ride the Big Owl Bus
  • Make copies and prints on multi-function machines across campus
  • Door Access - Gain access to rooms/buildings (based on your credentials)
  • Use the equipment and services of the Wellness and Recreation Center on campus
  • Purchase goods and services on campus using the KCash debit account*
  • Use as a PIN-based debit card with a Fifth Third Bank banking account
  • Gain access to The Commons and Stingers to use a faculty/staff meal plan you have purchased
  • Identify you as a KSU faculty/staff member for discounts at participating local businesses

*Use of the KCash debit accounts requires funds to be loaded to the accounts via KCash Manager or at a KCash machine located on campus. Dining Dollars are available only to students.