What Your Card Can Do for You

Your Talon Card is an important part of your KSU experience. It allows you to:

  • Identify you as a currently registered KSU student or faculty/staff member employed at KSU
  • Gain access to The Commons and Stingers dining halls to use your Meal Plan
  • Ride the Big Owl Bus between campuses
  • Gain Door Access to rooms/buildings (based on your credentials)
  • Use the equipment and services of the Wellness and Recreation Centers on campus
  • Make copies and print on machines across campus
  • Make sales tax-free food purchases at campus restaurants, The Market and vending machines using Dining Dollars*
  • Purchase goods and services on campus using the KCash debit account*
  • Receive discounts at participating local area businesses
  • Gain access to KSU sporting and other special events

*Use of the KCash debit account requires funds to be loaded to the account via KCash Manager or at a KCash machine located on campus. Dining Dollars are available only to students. 

DO NOT punch a hole in the card as it will damage the SmartCard chip.

Front of Talon Card

Front of Talon Card

  • KSU ID
  • NetID
Back of Talon Card

Back of Talon Card

    • Dining Dollars
    • Door Access
    • KCash
    • Mag Strip Readers
    • Meal Plans
    • Rec Center
    • Library Barcode

Remember to Update Your Talon Card

Update your Talon Card at a HotSpot to refresh your access. Hold your Talon Card up to the HotSpot until the flashing/beeping stops, then repeat every seven days.

If you have a previous version of the KSU campus ID card, don’t worry, it still works, and you are not required to replace it.